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The most
empowering place
to give birth.

At Fort Wayne’s only birth center, you’re in control of your birthing experience.

A life-changing moment deserves the most complete care.

Your pregnancy journey is unique. Giving birth will be one of the best moments of your life, and we want to help you celebrate your birth your way. Holy Family Birthing Center offers a dual-model structure of care, utilizing the expertise of certified nurse-midwives and OB-GYNs to provide you with complete, individualized care.

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Everything you need for the birth you want!

A comfortable place to give birth

An intimate, personalized birthing experience

Access to a doctor and hospital within walking distance

Manage your pain on your terms

An environment that empowers you

A place to bring your baby into the world safely

What You Can Expect.

A successful birth simply means that you were supported every moment in the journey. When you know your options, you can make a choice that works best for you. HFBC welcomes women to give birth on their terms. We can’t wait to see you persevere.

1. Come to a seminar.

Giving birth is an incredible experience, and we want to answer every single question you have. Our free seminars explain the whole process, from pregnancy to birth to postpartum care.

2. Make an appointment.

An appointment will allow us to get a good idea of your health, the baby’s health, and what your expectations are for birth.

3. Have your beautiful baby.

The time has come! Our nurse-midwives, with an obstetrician on call, will be with you every step of the way. You’re about to do something incredible!


Remember: Please bring a nutritious meal to eat after giving birth.

4. Experience extensive postpartum care.

You brought new life into the world, and that is amazing! Recovery after birth is important, so we make sure to follow up with you in the weeks after to check up on your health, breastfeeding, and newborn care.

Birthing Suites

Every inch of our facility is designed with you in mind. With three available birthing suites, you can labor in comfort and give birth however you like.

  • Tubs available in every room for a water birth option
  • Full kitchen so you can eat what you like
  • Queen-size beds in each room
  • Located within walking distance to Dupont Hospital

Address: 9835 Auburn Rd, Fort Wayne, IN 46825

Meet Our Team

To help you achieve the birth you’re looking for, our team of certified nurse-midwives and OB-GYNs work together to provide you with unique, individualized care. Our dual-model approach means that every midwife and doctor on our team knows your name and your pregnancy. Together with our talented staff, we can help you safely and comfortably give birth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this safe?

Absolutely. Women who choose a birth center decrease their risk of needing a C-section to only 6%. Minimal intervention, a comforting environment, and multiple advocates for your birth mean you have a much higher chance of giving birth vaginally without complications.

Can I afford it?

Yes, you can. We want every woman to have the chance to give birth on her terms. We can work with you to develop a financial plan that works for you and your family so the birth you want is available.


What about pain?

Pain is part of this journey. To manage it, we have birthing tubs, birthing balls, and dedicated staff to help you focus and persevere. You can do it!

FAQ Video: Safety

FAQ Video: Finances

FAQ Video: Pain Management

Patient Reviews

Birth in all its intricate details doesn't ever go exactly to plan, but the staff at Holy Family Birth Center are such great advocates that I felt peace throughout the experience. I know I could trust their guidance and cheerleading, and both my husband and I are very thankful we chose to deliver there for our first birth. Highly recommend to anyone!
The midwives were continually supportive of my birth plan, and respected my wishes while ensuring the safe and natural delivery of our beautiful baby girl. I felt the safety of myself, and my child were the main priority of the birth team. The team of midwives, nurses and technicians were knowledgeable and experienced, explaining each step of the process and supporting my decisions.
We had the blessing of giving birth to our first baby here in May 2022 and our second son was born here in March 2024. The midwives and nursing staff are phenomenal. The knowledge and tenderness they bring into the room during labor and delivery is unmatched. We had fantastic experiences both times, and pray that if we are blessed with any more children that we get to experience the same type of labor and delivery. It has been a honor walking through those birth center doors.
I just wanted to say thank you so much to your entire team. We have been trying and praying for this sweet baby for almost 4 years. Your office was the first people who actually listened to us, found out what was wrong and treated us. Everyone was amazing throughout all of our treatments, through the loss of our first pregnancy, and all the crazy emotions of this pregnancy. Marianne and the rest of our birth team was unbelievably amazing and supported my husband and I in the best ways making sure we had the perfect natural birth we wanted. Thank you so much for helping us create our family with Miss Octavia Rose 💜
I cannot rave enough about Holy Family Birth Center - two out of our three babies were born there and both experiences were everything I could have hoped for and more. The care teams provided the most laid-back, encouraging experience as I labored and delivered in water both times, and I felt completely cared for and safe with their guidance throughout the entire process. HFBC is a testament to physiological childbirth and the beauty of undisturbed labor and birth!
Holy Family Birth Center is a one-of-a-kind facility! The team there provides exceptional care as they strive to understand and meet your desires for birth. It was the best choice my husband I could have made. We are so thankful for their work and cannot recommend them enough!
At the beginning of this pregnancy, I was honestly hesitant to do a birth center birth. This was our fourth child and I believe I was just afraid of the unfamiliarity considering we have only done hospital births prior. This birth was a completely different experience for me but also my husband. We did do a lot more research, overall prepping, and just pure communicating between my husband and I. And I think that all came out of the freedom I felt I would have at the birth center that I never really felt with my hospital births. The Holy Family Birth Center helped me not only understand how I wanted to birth my child, but we actually got to do it! I always left the hospital overflowing with love for my new babe, but this time I even enjoyed my whole birth experience. Of course it was still the most painful moments of my life, but I knew I controlled it because I was in a safe place to do whatever my body needed to do. It was truly life giving- for me and my new baby boy.
We had the most amazing experience at the Holy Family Birth Center. Marianne was our midwife for the delivery of our beautiful baby girl. She was so encouraging and calming, the whole atmosphere in the birth room was calming and peaceful! This allowed me to stay calm and progress through labor as easy as possible. The water birth was a fantastic experience and I would 100% do it all over again!!! I will always choose and recommend Holy Family Birth Center it was the best experience!!!
Wonderful place to welcome your little one into the world! All the staff is extremely kind, caring and knowledgeable. We felt very safe and confident with the experience of the staff and their values match ours. For me, the pain level of birthing in the warm waters is decreased when compared to a hospital setting and the moments immediately following delivery are peaceful and relaxing.Even though we are an hour away, we will choose Holy Family Birth Center everytime!
FMCC provided exceptional pregnancy care. We were provided with an abundance of knowledge and resources to have the pregnancy and birth experience we desired. Most of our appointments were quick, but when necessary with questions or concerns appointments were longer. The midwives did an excellent job listening and valued our preferences to provide the best care.We labored at home most of the time as we felt confident in ourselves from the prep we did and we had our team supporting via calls and texts. When we arrived at the birth center the team was welcoming and allowed us to continue our work together, but was there to create the environment we wanted, encourage us, and monitor us to ensure our health and safety. We felt safe and comfortable at the birth center, which I believe aided in the quick delivery. Just 45 minutes after arriving at the birth center, our son was born into the warm water of the tub. He was so calm. It was so beautiful.The post partum experience at the birth center exceeded expectations. In a short time, the team got us freshened up, fed, and cozy. They congratulated us on our son, doted over baby boy, and spoke affirmations of the strength my husband and I had working together. We then were able to enjoy peaceful time together just the 3 of us and take a much needed nap.We would love to have more babies at the birth center. We highly recommend the FMCC for pregnancy care and the Holy Family Birth Center as an exceptional birth place.
The HFBC was the perfect place for me and husband to deliver our baby. With a healthy and uncomplicated pregnancy, a water birth was perfectly suited for us. We particularly loved the beautiful birthing suite and felt very comfortable there. The queen bed is nice for enjoying new baby snuggles together! We would highly recommend the HFBC to anyone with a healthy “normal” pregnancy hoping to deliver naturally.
I could never recommend HFBC enough! Although we were there a mere 25 mins before our baby was born, it was wonderful! The staff are welcoming and attentive. I was heard and my desires were met. My birth team, husband, and son were welcomed and encouraged to participate in whatever way made them comfortable. I've recommended the birth center always, but will even more after having my own birth experience there finally!
I cannot thank Fertility and Midwifery Care Center/ Holy Family Birth Center enough. We drove 45 minutes each way for their exceptional care. After having a miscarriage in 2020, my previous OB told me I needed to have 3 miscarriages before they would do any testing. I could not go through that 2 more times. As soon as I found out I was pregnant and called FMCC, they immediately had me test my progesterone levels and then did some other testing after my first visit when they learned about my previous miscarriage. Their preventative measures brought us our beautiful baby girl. The value they placed on my unborn baby’s life starkly contrasted the care I had received before. When it came time to have our little girl, our experience at the birth center was amazing. The birthing team was everything I needed as a first time mom. I can’t recommend or thank them enough for their care the last 9 months.
We love FMCC!! We had our son at DuPont and then recently had our daughter at the birth center. Amazing experience throughout all the appointments, feeling heard, and not feeling rushed. Both birth experiences were positive, but if we have another child, we would do it naturally again at the birth center. I had all the support I needed and truly loved being able to do it naturally.
Birthing at the HFBC was such a lovely experience. I highly value being heard and listened to. The midwives did this, all through my prenatal care and birth. I never felt pushed or coerced into anything. I felt empowered to make choices that best fit me and my baby!
We loved our experience with HFBC. From the beginning, attending the very first seminar through to giving birth at HFBC, we felt well educated, heard and well cared for. We highly recommend this facility and team of midwives/providers to anyone looking for exceptional care!
We had our 1st child at a hospital and our 2nd child at the birthing center. The birthing center provided empowerment. I was scared to do a natural birth. However, the midwives and nurses were empowering during the process. The required classes were beyond helpful and prepared me for the marathon of labor and delivery. Specifically, giving birth in the tub relaxed my body and made pushing easier. Thank you Rachel, Erin and many other nurses that were so helpful.
I previously had a baby at a birth center in a different state. I was so incredibly happy to have the opportunity to choose a birth center again after moving to the area. My whole experience from prenatal care to my birth experience has been wonderful. I would recommend this facility to anyone!
With this being my third child but 13 years apart from my last pregnancy, I wanted to do something more natural. I was a little too nervous to have the baby at home. The birth center gave me that home feel but the security of knowing we were close to emergency care if needed. The experience could not have been more perfect! Every single person involved was amazing. Each of the birthing rooms at the birth center are beautiful and allow for multiple options for a natural birth. I chose to labor and give birth in the birthing tub and it was by far the best birthing experience I have ever had. The midwife and nurse were so supportive and encouraging. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience at a more beautiful and accommodating facility.
I had a wonderful experience giving birth here in August 2022. They supported my body’s natural ability to give birth by creating a respectful and peaceful atmosphere. I had an unmedicated hospital birth for my first baby, and it wasn’t an experience I would want to do over. So when I had my second I switched to HFBC. And I’m so glad I did. If I ever have another baby, I would totally give birth here again.
It was such an amazing birth experience! Beautiful rooms! And I felt a lot more in control here then in a hospital. The midwife and nurse were both so sweet and i loved how they didn't just brush my husband aside. Definitely will be returning for all my future births!
Incredible education! We love this place! Awesome awesome people
Cannot give enough praise to this facility and their staff! Our sweet little daughter was born here recently and everything went so smoothly. Highly recommend to anyone wanting a natural birth as God has designed!
Amazing, amazing, amazing. This was our 2nd child with them. The first one born in the new awesome facility. Andreya our Rn was one of the best I've ever had interactions with. Our midwife Rachel knew exactly what to say and do at exactly the right time. If this wasn't our last child we would be going here again for sure.
This was my first childbirth experience, but I couldn't imagine it going more smoothly anywhere else. The birthing suite was wonderful. Medical interference was almost non-existent and the support staff was outstanding!
As a first time expecting mother I am thrilled to say my experience w/ this clinic has been phenomenal. The kind-hearted staff and doctors have guided me through my pregnancy with ease. Not only are they extremely professional and informative but also personable and calming. I am almost 8 months pregnant and among all the chaos of preparing I feel at peace knowing my baby and I are in good hands. Thank you to all the staff and doctors for creating such a beautiful experience for me and my family.

Important Update! Effective September 1, 2022, PHP is now in-network with Holy Family Birth Center. Click here to learn more or call our office at 260-222-7406.