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Birth, the way you want it

Learn about us, our team, and why we created the Holy Family Birth Center

We think that every woman can do what may seem impossible.

We believe women are masterfully designed to give birth.  We believe that fertility and pregnancy are states of excellent health and we approach them from a perspective of wellness.  In the overwhelming majority of cases, with sufficient support and education, a beautifully natural birth can be accomplished.

We discovered that our approach to care was different than what is typically seen in women’s healthcare. We’ve always been passionate about seeing women do what they were meant to do through being equipped with the necessary knowledge, support, and guidance.

Woman are empowered to believe that they are capable of giving birth the way they envision.

Holy Family Birth Center was created out of what comes naturally to us as providers. Since we started practicing medicine and midwifery, our goal has always been to provide care that makes it safe, empowering, and possible to bring new life into the world the way it was intended. Our integrated physician-nurse midwife model of care means you experience the best care possible at every step of the way of your pregnancy and birth journey.

Our History

Women like you have been looking for a better option than giving birth in the hospital. We heard it often:

You want an advocate who allows you to decide how your birth goes and encourages you along the way.

This concept of going to a hospital, a place for those who are ill, to give birth is a relatively new one.  For some time now, families have struggled to take back control of their births without sacrificing safety and support.  For over twenty years we have watched these struggles and heard from our patients that they wanted a better option.

It’s been years in the making and Holy Family Birth Center has been a labor of our love. It’s often said that a birth center birth is essentially a home birth at someone else’s home.  It most certainly allows a family to structure the birth experience they want, while feeling safe and supported.  We believe birth center birth is the perfect option for women who are looking for a safe, natural, and beautiful birth.

We have stepped out as a leading advocate for women in Northeast Indiana, helping women achieve the birth they have always hoped for by empowering them with the right resources and information. We believe in the power and strength of women like you. This is your birth plan; we are here to help you at every step of the journey.

What People Say About Us

Although this was my second FMCC birth, this was my first HFBC birth. From beginning to end (and beyond!) Rachel took such intentional care of me, my baby and my husband! She was SO thorough in our appointments - answering questions we didn’t even know we had, and always providing tons of resources that helped us feel very confident going into our first nonmedicated birth. During my labor/delivery, she was proactive, but also receptive and knew when to give space. She truly LISTENED first, and then acted.

They were so accommodating and sweet. They even made personal connections with us.

I’m so grateful that Fort Wayne has this birth center for those who wish to have a different kind of experience than the hospital. Having my first 2 births at the hospital I can truly say the difference is incredible. I had the birth that I had always dreamed of. I left the birth center with my beautiful baby, feeling strong, grateful, empowered and on top of the world. Thank you!

Everyone was so kind and helpful.

Amazing! I loved my experience. I want to have another baby so I can experience it again.

Phenomenal! Listened to me and it went beautifully.

Made me feel safe and empowered during labor.

My midwives were attentive and came to me in whatever position or location I was at. I knew they were available to me but they didn't overstep and allowed me to labor as I wanted with my support team.

I am so grateful for their gentle encouragement, knowledge, and reassurance.

My husband, daughter, and dear friend (also our photographer) walked Dupont Hospital grounds for an hour, had many dance parties, and just had so much fun preparing for our little girl to be born. The fun and excitement continued once back at HFBC! Try doing that in a hospital!

The care immediately after the birth and the next few days was great. I especially appreciated a breastfeeding consultation recommended by the midwives when I was experiencing pain.

The birthing team was great and was a very calming presence during everything. I really couldn't have asked for a better experience. Having my baby here makes me already consider doing it again! Thank you for opening the birthing center. I'm so grateful for FMCC's help with our secondary infertility and being able to actually experience the birthing center after finally conceiving! So thankful for all you do and believe in. ❤️

Our midwife was extremely calm, patient, listened well, explored options as needed with us, and empowered me in a very beautiful way. We loved our experience and were blessed by the midwife’s expertise and confidence that gave us peace through the birthing process. My care and birthing experience brought such healing, strength, and relief to my heart. We are so grateful.

The midwife was so supportive and calm throughout my labor and delivery. I really appreciated her suggestions to help progress labor and coaching me through pushing. She was always near providing support.

Our midwife was incredible. So kind, thoughtful, and truly made me feel like she cared about me, my baby, and my husband.

Our midwife truly went above and beyond to help give us such an incredible birth experience. We had several requests that she went out of her way to make happen for us. We were so beyond happy with how everything turned out and are so thankful!

I felt safe and cared for.


Meet Our Midwives

Every person on our team wants to provide you with exceptional care that is based on your needs, your pregnancy, and your baby’s birth. All of us have the experience, education, and passion to assist you and your family as you embark on the incredible journey of parenthood.

Marianne Stroud

Certified Nurse Midwife

Rachel Maio

Certified Nurse Midwife

Nicky Schwanz

Certified Nurse Midwife

Erin Morris DeFields

Certified Nurse Midwife

Meet Our Doctors

Dr. Christopher Stroud


Dr. Jill Stalling


Dr. Leigh Bauer


Dr. Stephanie W Grosvenor


Dr. Geoffrey Cly


Awards & Recognitions

We’re proud to be voted Fort Wayne Newspapers Readers’ Choice Awards winners for our excellence in Midwifery Care!  Thank you!

Important Update! Effective September 1, 2022, PHP is now in-network with Holy Family Birth Center. Click here to learn more or call our office at 260-222-7406.