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Back in January of 2019, I went to a NaPro doctor in Indianapolis because I hadn’t had a period for the better part of a year after coming off birth control. The doctor told me that she wasn’t very concerned that I wasn’t cycling because I wasn’t engaged or dating. She told me to cut out dairy and come back in a year… That didn’t sit right with me! I’m the type of person where if I see a problem, it needs to be solved right then.

I reached out to another NaPro Doctor in Pennsylvania and told her what was happening. She suggested I go to Fort Wayne where the doctor who trained her in NaPro, Dr. Stalling, would soon be coming to work. Despite Fort Wayne being two hours away, I made an appointment with FMCC for the end of February 2019.

My first appointment felt different than any other appointment I had ever been to. I felt listened to and there was immediately a plan in place for my care. I was prescribed IM progesterone injections and told to find a Fertility Care Practitioner to start charting Creighton so we could get down to what was really going on.

Fast forward a few months and my cycle still looked far from normal.  So after emailing the nurses, Alethea and Andreya, we finally settled on trying low-dose naltrexone therapy. And what do you know, it worked! I had the most normal cycles, with predictable cycle patterns as I had never seen before.

Within that year I got engaged. My (now) husband and I discerned to try for a baby right away, because of my fertility history. We got married on May 9th, 2020, and on July 3rd, 2020 (with a miracle of low dose naltrexone, vitamin B6, and progesterone therapy) we found out our sweet baby Cassian Timothy was on his way!

I told my husband there was no way I was going to any other practice for prenatal care. Though he was wary of a 2-hour drive with me in labor, once he met the midwives and witnessed the standard of care FMCC provides, his worries vanished.

After 30 weeks of progesterone injections, a gestational diabetes diagnosis, and being 8 days past his due date, baby Cassian decided it was finally time to cave and come into this world. As divine Providence would have it, I was scheduled for my 41-week appointment on March 16th and woke up at 4:00 am with what I assumed were Braxton Hicks (at this point I thought he was never coming and I would be pregnant forever). We decided to get a hotel once we got to Fort Wayne, just in case. My appointment was at 11 am and at 3 pm Nicky admitted me to Holy Family Birth Center.

Again, as Providence would have it, the two nurses who were on staff, Alethea and Andreya, were the ones who saw my entire journey through fertility treatments. This made the experience all the more special. By 7:40 pm, after sitting in the shower on the birth ball for 2.5 hours, baby Cassian entered the world in dramatic fashion: with his hand by his face and having his cord wrapped around his neck.

We couldn’t be more grateful for FMCC and everything they have done for us. I know this baby wouldn’t be here without you guys!

*Edited for privacy and clarity

Important Update! Effective September 1, 2022, PHP is now in-network with Holy Family Birth Center. Click here to learn more or call our office at 260-222-7406.