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There is no doubt that knowledge equates to power and this adage could not be truer than in pregnancy and childbirth. The more you know, the more empowered you are to make decisions that are right for you and your baby. In pregnancy and childbirth there are so many decisions to be made it can be overwhelming. Moreover, if you don’t actively make the decisions, in many cases the decisions will be made for you. You simply may not realize you have so many decisions to make, that is, that you have choices.

For example, is it important to you that you not be separated from your baby immediately after his/her birth? Is it important to you that the provider who delivers your baby wait to cut the umbilical cord until it is no longer pulsating? Is it important to you for your baby not to receive a pacifier if you are breastfeeding? Does it matter to you what position you are in for your delivery? Are you well versed on the pros and cons of epidural anesthesia and other forms of pain management available to you in labor?

These are just a few examples of the many decisions you will make and the list goes on and on… How should you go about selecting an Obstetrical provider? How about a pediatrician? If you have undergone a cesarean section in a previous pregnancy, what are your options regarding a vaginal birth during your current pregnancy? What is a Doula and would a Doula’s services be helpful to you?

If you want to maximize your knowledge of the many choices available to you I suggest you visit Birth Matters is a childbirth education center in Fort Wayne offering childbirth preparation, breastfeeding, and newborn care classes. They also provide a community of support with many classes and activities for parents and their babies during the transition into parenthood. I’ve had the opportunity to work with Birth Matters founders Hallie Greider and Jordan Saalfrank on several occasions and I can’t say enough positive about them.

Remember, you are in charge of your pregnancy and childbirth decisions. It is my job as an Obstetrician to help you achieve the outcome you desire and deserve. The more you know about pregnancy and childbirth, the better decisions you will make. So check out www.birthmatters.comand let me know what you think.

Important Update! Effective September 1, 2022, PHP is now in-network with Holy Family Birth Center. Click here to learn more or call our office at 260-222-7406.